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Consistently deliver quality marketing content.


Not only do Marketers have to implement innovative and forward-thinking creative campaigns as well as deliver results and ROI on said campaigns, they also need to ensure that their brand image stays consistent across multiple mediums and platforms used by the rest of their organisation. 

However, with multiple demands and departments to deal with it can start to feel extremely overwhelming and without the right tools in place, marketing teams begin to drown in heavy workloads and unrealistic expectations. 

Our workflow management Solutions help to automate processes and free marketers up to focus on their most important asset: creative thinking for quality marketing content.

Ensure digital asset consistency

A marketing campaign consists of various touchpoints and requires multiple teams to use assets and images of different file formats and sizes for each medium. 

With our Digital Asset Management Solution you can create, edit, crop, resize and even change the resolution, colour and file format of each asset. 

Allowing you to ensure that each team uses the same images for each campaign and making sure that your brand stays consistent, wherever it may be seen.

Workflows for your digital assets

With our Digital Production Workflow solution, your assets are found through workflows, metadata and access control tools.

The workflows are particularly useful for marketing teams as they allow you to follow an asset from the initial design through to distribution to various omni-channel media teams. 

Consolidate feedback

Email is normally the tool of choice when it comes to asking for feedback on a piece of creative content from multiple people and teams. However, trying to consolidate these opinions can be an arduous task - particularly when you have two opposing views - and often the approval process can take longer than it took you to create the piece of content in the first place.

With reviewers able to directly comment and review your creative content, as well as see what their colleagues have said, our Online Proofing & Approval Solution enables marketing teams to deliver projects 56% faster. 

Order the chaos

Marketers are in demand with requests from multiple teams within their organisation - all who, of course, believe their request is the highest priority.

We think the video from our partner Workfront sums it up pretty nicely. 

But help is here, our Project & Work Management solution is an easy way to manage and prioritise your, and your fellow marketers, workloads.

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